Thursday, 6 July 2017

Two of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men

There has been a stereotype in the past that cosmetic surgery is mostly undertaken by women, but there has been a marked increase in men undergoing procedures in recent years.

From botox to rhinoplasties, the range of cosmetic treatments that men are having is also increasing as they see the positive alterations other people have made to their own appearances.

Below we’ve listed out the two of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that men have undergone in recent years and the developments that have made plastic surgery even more popular.


Rhinoplasty is the official name given to a cosmetic procedure of the nose, or a nose job, and is incredibly popular amongst men. The procedure involves either ‘close surgery’ which is where incisions are made inside the nose, so as not to disturb any skin, or ‘open surgery’, in which incisions are made on the small column of skin between the nostrils. The decision to perform open or closed surgery is based on the alterations the patient and the surgeon have agreed to make to achieve the desired effect. There have been advancements in male rhinoplasty in recent years, which have previously been more difficult to perform than on women due to men’s thicker, oilier skin.

Penis Enlargement 

Men in the United Kingdom are seeking for a bigger penis according to the investigation of a certain global survey with regards to the rise of penis enlargement trends.
Male penis enlargement surgery involves an invasive medical procedure that physically extends the length and girth of the penis with immediate visible results after the surgery. For some men, at least, this is the only way to get any positive results from attempts at penis enlargement. Generally speaking, the increase in the length of the penis after penis enlargement surgery is normally between one and two inches.

If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure then contact Moorgate Aesthetics today. They have over 35 years of experience in cosmetic surgery.

There mission is to provide the very best experience for Patients, and a level of service that we would expect ourselves. Each Moorgate team member has a specific role to play in the self improvement journey. From your very first consultation to the very last check up, they guide you and support you every step of the way. They can help you to achieve the physical enhancements that are important to you.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Should I get my penis enlarged?

If you’re reading this, there’s a great chance that you’re already looking into penis enlargement surgery.

But is it right for you? Let’s take a look at some common questions and genuine concerns we get from men considering this route.

Will enlarging my penis make me feel better about myself?

There’s no denying that having a small penis can cause serious confidence issues. Having surgery could completely change that and we believe that feeling good about yourself is priceless. If it’s something you’ve been considering for a long time, we suggest calling a Urology cosmetic surgery provider to discuss questions and settle any worries that you may have.

Is it dangerous?

The surgery takes your own body fat and transfers it to your penis which helps to increase penis girth and increase penis length. This is a safer option than dermal fillers as sometimes they can cause allergic reactions, but you physically cannot be allergic to your own fat. This is the best option to banish small penis syndrome for good.

Does it last?

Penis enlargement surgery lasts longer than dermal fillers, so you get more for your money in the long term. Some men come back and have more and there are special “top up” packages to make this as easy and cost-effective as possible.

How long will it take to recover?

As with all surgery, length of recovery differs from person to person. If you’ve gone for penis length enhancement we suggest avoiding sex, heavy lifting or other strenuous activities for at least six weeks. If you just went for the penis girth enhancement you’re likely to recover slightly quicker at about four weeks. But as we said earlier, it really does depend on the person. Just be sensible!

Can I afford it?

We think everyone should be able to feel good about their bodies. That’s why we offer payment plans with low deposits and 0%APR. Call us to discuss payment options – we are here to help.

What now?

Opting for this surgery is a huge decision to make and could really affect your life. You’re likely to have all kinds of questions and we are on hand to answer them and help you make the best decision. Give us a call on CALL 0330 024 4868 to arrange a local consultation.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Why is Penis Enlargement So Popular

More men are having cosmetic surgery than ever before.

moorgate-manYoung men have seen their mums have surgery and now their girlfriends are having surgery. 

Suddenly cosmetic surgery seems no big deal anymore.

We are also living in a much more liberal society. It seems that there is nothing that we are not prepared to talk about. This liberalism means that you will not be frowned upon by making what done years ago would have been seen as very indulgent changes to your body.
When we talk about penis enlargement to the public, men and women, it’s a ” do it if it makes you feel better ” response that we get most of the time.
That’s refreshing in itself and must be reassuring to men who are wanting to go ahead with penis enlargement surgery but are afraid of what future partners may think.
After all,men know that women get their vaginas modified with labia reductions and tightening operations after children. 

So why should they shy away?

Over the past few years there have been significant developments in penis enlargement surgery, many of them driven by Moorgate it has to be said. Results are become much more predictable and research continues to get things even better. 

The advent of therapies such as PRP have added new dimensions to increasing penis size.

Many cite the porn industry as a reason why men want a bigger penis. There maybe some truth in this of course, but we find that most men don’t really want a porn star penis, just one that does the job well and gives them back some lost self confidence.
Of course if it’s a very large penis that you want then it can be done, over time, you just need to work out what exactly it is that you are looking for.
Another reason the procedure is so popular is that we live in a society where we fully expect that everything in our lives can be bigger and better. 

Cosmetic surgery has responded and continues to respond to patients demands.

Penis enlargement surgery is an area where the response is clear to see. Over the past few years the procedure has been developed and adapted to include combination therapies such as purification of fat and PRP to improve cosmetic outcomes.

Men are coming forward and making their mark on cosmetic surgery and body improvements generally. But perhaps where it all starts is with mans best friend (after his dog) and if that’s right then everything else can wait.

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Why Do Men Worry about Penis Size ?

Why Do Men Worry about Penis Size ?

If you had a choice between having a small or large penis which would you choose?

And another question, if your partner had a choice between a small or large penis which would she/he choose?

Put like that it’s a straightforward answer isn’t it?

There is much debate about penis size and what is considered “normal”

From the work we do with our patients it’s not about achieving a set goal of inches most of the time, rather it’s about getting to a place where they feel confident and comfortable with their penis size.
That size may be five, six, seven or more inches. In truth it doesn’t really matter. It’s about a size that makes you feel good about yourself.
Most men would agree that a reasonably long thick penis is utopia. The sex experts tell us that you must have the thickness to satisfy a women. Our gay patients tell us that for their relationships it’s more about the length. 
Of all our penis enlargement procedures put together about 75% are for combined length and girth. Clearly, most guys want the best of both worlds most of the time.
It’s not just about the sex though. All too often we hear stories about the locker room syndrome. Changing with other well hung guys when you don’t measure up is no joke. If you have mates who are merciless when it comes to each other’s ” weak points” then it can be positively frightening. 

At the heart of it all is self confidence. Guys have this surgery for themselves. If their partners get the benefit then that’s great too, but often it’s not the primary goal.

Of course we do see patients who have had very unkind comments from previous sexual partners. I say previous because in almost all cases it’s the death knell of a relationship when one complains about the size of the other

Does penis enlargement make you a better lover?

Would You Marry A Man With A Small Penis ?

Does penis enlargement make you a better lover?

Well it may do but this probably has more to do with the increased self confidence than anything else. There is no denying though that the bigger penis has every chance of a better performance.
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We offer free no-obligation, local consultations for penis enlargement surgery

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The burning question: Does penis size really matter?

Since the beginning of time, the topic of penis size has provoked no shortage of discussion.


There is a perception out there that suggests the larger the penis, the more masculine the man. This is a complete falsity as even well-endowed men could be suffering from a testosterone deficiency, which would have a far greater impact on perceived manliness.

Size won’t hold you back

In physical health terms, size doesn’t matter. The main functions of the penis are to aid in sexual reproduction and excrete urine. If a man struggles in either department, it will never be down to a small penis. For example, sexual reproduction could be made impossible by undescended testicles.

In psychological terms, however, size can matter. Popular culture, and the media in general, tells us that bigger is almost always better. From muscle size and height to penis size — the enduring message is that “bigger is better.”

Women worry about size, too

Women are not immune from the “bigger is better” mentality, which would perhaps explain why breast enlargement procedures have never been in greater demand.

For men who are unhappy with their penis size, there are ways to enhance the appearance of it.

The reproductive area is extremely delicate and it is understandable that anyone would have serious reservations before signing up for penis enlargement surgery.

Explore your options:

Before going down that road, there are a couple of simple, less-intrusive measures that can be explored.
1. Shave your pubic hair: By shaving off your pubic hair you will reveal the true length of your penis. By its bushy nature, pubic hair covers over a portion of your manhood, doing you something of a disservice in the process. Stand in front of the mirror after shaving it all away and marvel at your perceived added growth.
2. Lose weight: If you are considerably over-weight, the chances are that you have a large belly that bulges both outward and downward, in the process making your penis look smaller than it is. Lose weight and, as your belly shrinks, the appearance of your penis will become enhanced.
If you would like information on penis enlargement surgery or Non surgical penis enlargement procedures, contact us at Moorgate Aesthetics today.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Worried about your penis size? You're not alone

At least 60% of men worry about their penis size, concerned that it’s not big enough to satisfy their partner.

For some of these men, their unhappiness about their manhood will harmfully impact on their relationship, their confidence, and even their mental health.
Of course, prowess between the sheets isn’t all about size, and neither is confidence on the dating scene, but if you find that worry about the dimensions of your dong is negatively impacting on your life, then you’re in an ever increasing group of men who might benefit from penis enhancement.
Tom ‘Billy’ O’Connor, from Colchester, is one man for whom anxiety about penis size began to consume his life to such a point that he decided to seek penis enhancement [].
Even though, in his own words, Billy already had “a big one,” he still felt that more was better, saying that he wanted “a monster.” O’Connor describes the procedure as “the best money I ever spent” and is delighted with the results (and so is his new partner).
The popularity of penis enlargement Surgery has increased hugely in recent years, with some clinics reporting a more than 40% surge in demand. Some have put this down to the greater exposure of seemingly well-endowed celebrities such as David Beckham leaving many men feeling inadequate.

But whatever the reason, if you’re suffering because your penis isn’t big enough to keep you happy, there are options available.

Penis enlargement surgery is an extremely safe, extremely effective cosmetic procedure, most often involving a transfer of fat from another part of your body into your penis to increase its length and girth. Using your own body fat avoids the risk of allergies, and offers the option of future ‘top-up’ procedures to ensure superb results.
Alternatively, Penis Thickening or Glans enhancement, which uses injections to thicken and increase the size of the glans, is a non-surgical procedure which can usually be completed in just 20 minutes.
Whichever option you choose, it’s important to remember that you are far from alone in worrying about your penis size, and that, like Billy O’Connor, there are options to help for the future.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Innovative Non-Surgical Option For Penis Enlargement

Feeling insecure about the size of your penis can greatly affect many areas of your social and love life. Everyone is created different, and ideally we would all be satisfied with what nature gave us, but that is not always the case. Fortunately,

there is an innovation non-surgical option that can enlarge your penis without the risks of invasive surgery.

This new two stage penis enlargement treatment is being offered by Moorgate Urology. They have created a system that can increase the thickness of your penis as well as its length instantly, without the high risk of side effects that come with other common treatments.
In fact, the effects of the treatment are so minimal that you are able to have it done in an outpatient setting and then go about your daily life almost as though nothing had been done.
Additionally, the procedure is completely safe. There are no known complications, but it is still handled in a completely professional manner by a licensed GMC approved plastic surgeon. They have all received the highest level of training possible to ensure that they are of the most knowledgeable in performing this treatment in the world.
After you see the amazing results of your first treatment you are sure to want to continue until you reach your personal size goal. Fortunately Moorgate Urology provides a loyalty program that enable you to have additional treatments at greatly reduced prices. The lower rates will make it more affordable for you to feel more comfortable about your personal penis size.
In fact, there is no limit on how many follow-up appointments you can have. During a one on one consultation with a certified plastic surgeon you and the professional will work together to determine how many treatments will likely be needed to reach your ideal size. If you end up finding that you wish to go even larger that is always an option. This gives you the opportunity to decide as you go through the process instead of having to make a decision that you can not change like you would if you were to have surgery.
If you think that this is too good to be true you are not alone. So many live their lives dissatisfied with their bodies when there is no reason to do so. If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to give this treatment a try you should schedule a consultation. There you can see the successful results that other clients have had. You can also learn more about what level of results you could expect to achieve. Everyone is different, but the professionals at Moorgate Urology have the experience to inform you of what your personal success story would likely be like.
Taking this step in your life could greatly change how you interact with others on a daily basis. It is very hard to be yourself when you are not fully comfortable and confident with what your body looks like. Take the step now to make an appointment. Once you begin the process you will wonder why you hadn’t done so sooner.